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Cardiologist in Limassol

The  heart  fuels  the  spirit.


That's  why  we  keep  yours healthy.

Cardiac Care Clinic was founded with the vision and commitment to provide unparalleled cardiovascular care with a dedication to the wellness of each and every patient. As a modern practice with exceptionally trained physician, Cardiac Care Clinic is able to ensure the most comprehensive and progressive cardiac care in  Limassol.


Our cardiology practice is devoted to the needs of each patient and family, establishing a partnership to achieve wellness and optimize quality of life. Our remarkable standard of care, commitment and goals are at the level of a concierge practice. We believe each patient deserves this dedication and attention to detail. We are committed to ensuring compassionate and extraordinary cardiovascular care.

  • Cardiovascular consultation (Adults)

  • Adolescent cardiology consultation

  • Pre-operative examination and risk assessment

  • Sports screening physical examination/Sports Cardiology

  • Preventative cardiology and cardiovascular risk factor modification

  • Cardiovascular screening examination

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